Christina B Lubold, MD | Pediatrics

1177 S 6th StSte B Indiana, PA 15701
Ph: (724) 463-0540
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Experience 1991, Temple University School Of Medicin




Accepting New Patients: Yes

Accepting New Patients: Yes

Provider ID: 000473504 Primary Care Physician (PCP): Yes


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Specialties & Procedures

Pediatrics - Board Certified


1177 S 6th StSte B
Indiana, PA 15701
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Group Affiliation

Indiana Pediatric Assoc PC

15 S 8th St
Ste 200
Indiana, PA 15701

Hospital Affiliation

Indiana Regional Medical Center

835 Hospital Rd
Indiana, PA 15701


Medical School

1991, Temple University School Of Medicin


Childrens Hospital


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The Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program was created by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its 24 Member Boards to enhance the physician certification process, moving from once in a lifetime, or periodic recertification, to an ongoing commitment to continuous maintenance of high quality clinical competencies. The MOC program ensures that a participating physician is committed to lifelong learning and ongoing self-assessment in six areas of competency. While measurement of these competencies may vary according to the medical specialty, this multi-faceted assessment is carried out by all 24 Member Boards using a four-part process, including practice-based learning and improvement.

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